Wholesale relationship

Would you like to partner Salford Roasters?

The one thing that our partners have in common is that they all want to offer the very best to their clients and customers. Coffee is high up on their list of priorities, and they understand the benefit of having fantastic speciality coffee as part of their overall offer. Salford Roasters will sit down with you and discuss your specific needs with intimate detail, from the right espresso machine to the type of single origin coffee that would be best for your audience.

Do you want to stand out in the crowd?

You want to offer the best – but the coffee world can be confusing and complex. We simplify things. We work with some of the finest speciality coffee producers, importers and machine suppliers around, to ensure the best quality for you and your customers.  We also have a passion for sustainability. From the beans we choose to the plastic-free reusable cups and straws, doing our (small) bit for the planet is really important to us. Salford Roasters means giving your customers the very best.

Get in touch with us here about becoming one of our partners. In the meantime, you can read about our current friends on our “Where to drink SR” page.

Our Promise

Salford Roasters is able to collaborate with you, no matter where you are in the UK. If you are a venue looking to improve the coffee experience for your customers, we courier our beans across the UK!  Our coffee, experience, knowledge and barista training, will provide two key things:

  • Improved customer dining and drinking experience

  • Improved coffee consumption