Sage Coffee Machines

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Sage Coffee Machine FAQs

A: Sage Coffee Machine is a high-quality espresso coffee maker renowned for its advanced features, delivering barista-style coffee at home. Make your flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos, for your family and friends sit back and relax!

Order from us because we are known for our 5-star customer service (just check our Google Reviews!); we will process your order promptly and efficiently, and there is a direct number and email at the bottom of this webpage should you need assistance. Oh, and you get a free 500g pouch of our beans – we’d love you to stay with us as a roastery once you get going with your impressive home coffee making, where you’d join quite the community as we spread the Salford work across the UK!

A: The popularity of models may vary, but the brand is known for its versatility and advanced espresso features – the Sage Barista Express, the Sage Barista Pro and the Sage Barista Touch are among our bestsellers. They include built-in grinders and have a variety of digital functionality, particularly the Pro and the Touch. Colour-wise, there is often a brushed or Truffle Black to add to the classic ‘Stainless Steel’ colour Sage has been famous for over the years – here at Salford Roasters we will presume Stainless Steel unless otherwise stated on your order notes.

A: If we don’t have the model here at the roastery in stock (where lead times would be within 3 days of ordering), we will ship direct from our Sage partner, and their lead time is equally as short; BBH take pride in delivering promptly and efficiently and we will give you an estimate should you require specific arrival information. To be safe, give it a full working week!

A: It depends on the model. Some/most Sage machines have built-in grinders, while others (like the Sage Bambino) require a separate grinder for whole beans. Check the product specifications for more information.

A: Sage Machines excel in precise temperature control, innovative brewing techniques, and superior build quality, ensuring a premium coffee experience.

A: The espresso machine models we sell at SR do include a milk frothing function for making beverages like cappuccinos and lattes; also known as a steam wand! Please refer to the specific product features to be sure the machine is right for you.

A: Regular cleaning and descaling are essential. The Sage Appliance helpline is a useful resource for any specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines, but also follow the maintenance guide provided with your machine and use recommended Sage cleaning products.

A: Yes, Sage Coffee Machines are versatile and allow you to make various coffee styles, such as espresso, flat white and latte, and more. We sell the Espresso Machine range, so any espresso-based drink can be made in seconds – including Espresso Martinis and Cold Brew!

A: Yes, they are designed for ease of use with user-friendly interfaces, enabling anyone to make excellent coffee. They are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye (often with more than one colour option) and look great in any modern kitchen.

A: Sage Coffee Machines come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. The duration varies by model, so please check the warranty information on the product page – but it is always at least 12 months. If you encounter a fault within the machine, please call the wonderful Sage Appliances Helpline directly, on: 0191 479 59 55 – Salford Roasters is a formal partner and Sage distributor, but unfortunately we do not have the capacity to provide Sage engineering assistance directly.