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SR Reusable 8 oz Coffe Cup with Lid


We are really excited about our new 8 oz takeaway cappuccino-style reusable cups. They are super sexy, and good for the environment. These unique cups are plastic-free & non-toxic (BPA free), made partly from recycled coffee husk – the bit that is created during the milling stage of coffee production! Also, they are designed to keep your coffee hot for longer! Simply write ‘Charcoal’ or ‘Natural’ in the instructions section at Checkout!

Sold out!

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Grab one of these beautifully designed Huskee Coffee Cups, where design really does meet function. Enjoy one of these in the comfort of your home or on the go! The cups are super strong, comfortable to hold and importantly, dishwasher friendly. The lid is easy to pop on with one hand, and the niche design allows the drain slots on the base to remove excess water from the dishwasher cycle. Every year thousands of tonnes of coffee husk is wasted as a natural waste byproduct; this cup ensures the organic recycling of this from the milling stage! With over a 100 million takeaway single use cups ending up in landfill each year, the Huskee Cup is a fabulous solution for coffee lovers across the UK

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