Seasonal Blend


We are delighted to have this one back! What is effectively the 2021 Xmas Blend that you guys told us was the best to date! Our first ‘trio blend’, and a blend in which we have tried to evoke the best elements speciality coffee has to offer.

It is a combination of our exquisite Organic Guatemalan coffee with our mainstay finca Portezuelo, El Salvador and the well received Popyan Reserve Single from Colombia. We’ve gone for the typical medium-dark profile, and the results are a subtle balance of nutty and fruity elegance.

Expect notes of Chocolate Orange, Butterscotch and Raisin with hints of Toffee Apple.

no additional ingredients are ever added to our coffees, the notes are purely a guide as to what to expect on the palate. All coffees are developed and roasted using 100% Speciality Arabica

Seasonal Blend Coffee Salford
Seasonal Blend

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