Salford Roasters was formed in September 2016, with the mission to bring ‘Proper Coffee’ en masse to Salford and Manchester people and beyond, and to inspire a passion for speciality beans.

Our owner and founder, Nik, has known amazing coffee since the 90’s in his other home in Athens, Greece. More recently, he was roasting coffee in the family garage in Worsley whilst working the ‘day job’, then it clicked! Setting up a family coffee business, whilst building a coffee roastery here in Salford.

The result: we produce micro-roasted, Speciality Coffee, of Single Origin – coffee that tastes great, no fuss and is easily accessible.

Too many coffee shops and restaurants are treating the coffee itself as an ‘after-thought’, and as a coffee community, we need to inspire a greater passion for coffee excellence. We want to be able to walk into every coffee shop in the North West and experience unadulterated pleasure. We also want to ensure we provide sustainability via our cup of coffee – from farm level to serving establishment. If Salford Roasters can help achieve this, then all the better …