The Salford Roasters model reflects its main ethos: making great coffee easily accessible! We have always tried to work with a few importers consistently, and over longer time periods, adding great new coffees and microlots as and when we can – and when you folks tell us you are after something in particular! This way, we get to keep a consistency to our range, meaning you get your favourite brew on a weekly basis, and we get to establish and maintain deep relationships with our fantastic green suppliers!

The spectacular speciality coffees (with high SCA cupping scores) from smaller farms are of great interest to our technical team, and we know a few of you love it when we get hold of some of them; but more often than not, these coffees will be on a rotation, and are more of a treat, like you would a good bottle of red! With all of our green procurement methods, we’ll try to keep to the freshest crop and, particularly with the singles, keep to the seasonality of the bean.

Here are some of our main importer relationships, and the beans they kindly provide: