Guilt-free coffee?

Kaffe Form Coffee Cup

Have you ever wondered how you can enjoy your delicious, Single Origin Salford Roasters coffee whilst you are on the go, but you didn’t want to use disposable cups because of their impact on the environment? We have the answer: our new 10 oz takeaway-style reusable and 100% compostable cups from the German company, Kaffe Form, it’s called “The Weducer”, very stylish and completely green. We have teamed up with Berlin-based company Kaffe Form, who have spent years developing and testing a totally plastic-free and reusable product, which is of course carbon neutral and environmentally friendly.

What’s unique about that you might ask? The cup is not made from plastic or glass; but it is made from used coffee grounds, wood grains and resins, and therefore fully natural! Plus, you can use it again, and again, and again: it’s made for unlimited coffee consumption.

The coffee grounds are collated from a number of different roasters in Berlin and used to make the cups, meaning that the roasters’ waste is reduced too. The cups are food-safe, stylish, free of BPA, carbon neutral when disposed of, durable and dishwasher friendly, and they retain a coffee aroma too; more than enough to tick most coffee-lovers’ boxes! Enjoy your coffee guilt-free, and without the worry of environmental harm.

Ordering your reusable cup is very easy

If you’re interested, or simply want a unique Xmas present for a loved one, ordering your Salford Roasters reusable coffee cup is really very easy – you can buy them from our online store by following this link. We’ll then post out your new takeaway style cup post haste!

Don’t forget to post your photos of your Salford Roasters coffee in your new reusable cup and tag us on Instagram or on Twitter and Facebook – we’d love to see them being used!