1 Group Espresso machines

The La Spaziale S2 is a solid 1 Group machine (with one steam wand), perfect for the smaller coffee shop or venue. With the durability and execution of the S9, this is a very popular machine for those of you who might have a premium on space, or simply want to upgrade from your current smaller machine. Contact us for a free consultation and price.


2 Group Espresso machines

The La Spaziale S9 2 Group DSP range is a great addition to the ‘La Spaz’ family. Effectively the upgrade on the traditional S5 model, this machine will serve up the same fantastic espresso, but has a few more gadgets – temperature control; digital display and heated cup tray, as well as the dual steam wands. Get in touch with us for more information, and a free consultation.

3 Group Espresso Machines

La Spaziale’s S40 (3 Group pictured) is ‘the pride of the range’, and comes in 2 and 3 Group options. An upgrade on the S9 with a dual boiler and greater control over the extraction, as well as a choice of colour, this is a machine for those venues wishing to truly impress. Salford Roasters will install and maintain your machine to ensure these high end machines stay with you a very long time. To learn more about the S40 and its additional features, please get in touch with us.


Mahlkönig E65S – a high end grinder with superb control and 65mm burrs. They are pretty confident in their assessment of their product – and we agree!  ” Provides grinding which you have not seen, heard or tasted before!”  Choose this grinder if you want to serve Speciality Coffee Perfection every single time.

Anfim Pratica – This grinder was only released late last year, and whilst not at the same level as the Mahlkönig, the grinder is a high level piece of kit but also a more economical alternative. An on-demand grinder with the traditional Italian design, it features hands-free operation through start-stop-automation and is equipped with a user-friendly interface.

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