Salford Roasters was formed in September 2016, with the mission to bring speciality coffee to Salford, Manchester and beyond, inspiring passion.  

We aim to be fun, zany, unique and reliable, and refuse to take ourselves too seriously. Everything that excellent coffee should be, of course.

Importantly, there is a social element to the work that we do. We want to add true ‘Social Value’, so in time, we will plan to establish a Northern Sleep Disorder Foundation, ensuring that a proportion of our profits are put towards cutting edge of sleep research.

Too many coffee shops and restaurants are treating the coffee itself as an ‘after-thought’, and as a coffee community, we need to inspire a greater passion for excellence. We want to be able to walk into every espresso bar, coffee shop and restaurant in the North West and experience unadulterated pleasure. If Salford Roasters can help achieve this, then all the better  …